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Spencer Dennis

Spencer Dennis
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Gender: Male
Location: San Luis Obispo, California
Rate: $100/Hour

Coaching beginners to pros, he's developed a unique ability to get to the root issue and create a simple plan for improvement. Believing it's never just the mechanics of the swing, but the person behind it, he creates strategies that allow the player to not only improve their game but their over-all well being. Spencer's years of tournament experience at the amateur and professional level, winning numerous events, have given him a rare insight on how to prepare and compete. Most recently, he was a Senior Coach at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in Florida. Prior to that he was the Director of Instruction at Sunset Hills C.C. in Thousand Oaks, California. Spencer currently consults for Cal Poly's golf programs, Directs Nike Junior Golf Camps, coaches elite juniors, college players, professionals, and amateurs of all levels.

Teaching Approach
There is no one way to swing or play, but through proven training methods we can find what works best for you. Below is a brief synopsis of how Periodization works.

The technical phase is critical because it is the foundation of training. Players target problem areas and build confidence through a series of proven drills and strategies.Technical phase specifics will vary depending on each player's individual needs, and focuses on all areas of the game.

During the pre-competition segment, players prepare for competitive play and work on preparation and feel. Focus on topics ranging from warm up routine and course management to mastering different shots for tournament play. Mental training also plays a vital role in this phase and more time is spent on the course.

Competition is what we are training the players toward. Our ultimate goal is peak performance. We focus on competition during this phase, as this is where strength of character is tested.

Active Rest
Active rest and evaluation mark the final working phase in the cycle. In this stage we focus on allowing the players to slow down, let their bodies and minds rejuvenate, and prepare for the start of another cycle.

Game Assessment
Peak performance is achieved by understanding the relationship of the Technical, Mental and Physical elements of the game, all of which are vital parts of our comprehensive training program.

Build Confidence
By understanding which phase you are in you can gain confidence by having clear parameters to measure your successes. Not always is score or ball flight a true benchmark of getting better. With this in mind, confidence can be gained through the entire process of improvement.

Success Stories
"Spencer not only provides a sound understanding of the golf swing but he is an immense resource for an overall holistic approach to the game. Someone once told me that your golf game is a direct reflection of your life. Spencer believes that you must first work on yourself and through this journey you will learn to become a more successful golfer.

His approach in many ways transcends the traditional methods of instruction for the game of golf and rather proves as a strong model for a more positive way of living. Through reevaluating goals and formulating purposeful practice with Spencer, I am having more fun in golf and in life. It is for these reasons that I give Spencer Dennis and Journeyman Golf my highest recommendation. "

~Michael Wilson, Player-Canadian Professional Golf Tour

"What I really like and appreciate is the block of time devoted to each lesson. This time enables me time to learn new skills under the direction of my instructor. In addition, scheduling lessons every week or two weeks has really helped me begin to ingrain the swing changes. Also, the video and note follow ups reinforce what should be practiced in between lessons. Last and probably most important, Spencer has the most positive and encouraging way of teaching. I always feel uplifted and confident about my progress."

~Arlene Yost

"I love working with Spencer every chance I get. He is full of knowledge technically and more importantly mentally. Anyone can learn the techniques but in order to take it to the next level, you have to be mentally prepared.

His teaching techniques are fantastic, because he is able to break it down into a process, which really helps keeping it simple and having fun with short term goals. Thank you Spencer for helping me take my game to the next level!"

~Josh Lipman, Former College Player and Club Professional

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